Investment Philosophy

Wealth Management is life management, and the art of investing is less about reaching arbitrary benchmarks and more about achieving life goals.  That's why my approach to investments is built around you. And since every relationship is different in terms of needs, risk tolerance, assets, income and circumstances, my first job is simply to listen to get to know your goals, your expectations and your concerns.  Building wealth, funding retirement, maximizing current income or other objectives takes time, and with open communication and financial discipline, I strive to develop an effective strategy just for you.

Most important, my success is predicated on yours, and will listen and learn from your experiences and aspirations to allow to me to do my best for you.  

My relationship is a three-way partnership between you, me and the substantial resources of RBC Correspondent Services and Cabot Lodge Securities LLC.  Together, we'll make you a smarter, better investor.  Let's talk.