Client Process


For over 30 years, I have been assisting individuals and families with their financial needs.  My vision is to provide personalized financial services and investment advice based on your present needs and objectives for the future. My work with clients is more than just a business partnership, but also a long-term relationship.  Striving to work hard everyday to be your financial advisor, coordinating with your attorney, accountant or other trusted professional as needed,  and making sure you are an active part of management of your financial future, is my guidepost to success.

My process is built around you and designed to give you control over your financial life. It will provide you with the support, expertise and service you deserve.

1). Discovery - Through one-on-one conversation and correspondence to get to understand your complete financial life - investments, savings, insurance, legacy and estate planning - to discover opportunities to upgrade current investment choices and simplify aspects to benefit you.

2). Create a plan - Leveraging the deep resources and in-house experts of RBC Correspondent Services as well as select third-party products and service providers, to create a financial strategy to address short term needs, long-term goals, and tolerance for risk.

3). Presentation and implementation - Reviewing your current financial status, explaining my findings and giving you unbiased recommendations, including showing you where you can eliminate fees and other unnecessary expenses.  Upon your approval, the new strategies will be implemented.

4). Review and Monitor - Providing detailed periodic updates on your progress towards achieving your goals, recommend changes in resources and goals, and adjust or rebalance your portfolio to address life events (i.e. births, marriages, graduations, deaths) when necessary and begin the process again.

Whether it's planning for retirement, building wealth, providing for income or other financial goals, my aim is to work with you to feel confident in your objectives.  Through conversation and the use of the many financial tools offered by the firm, I strive to understand your financial picture, and to offer opportunities to review your current investment plan for ways to maximize your future.